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CIC Expenses and Projects

CIC - Family Centre / Bright Star Education Centre

Any help is greatly appreciated!  

Please reference your name and what you are contributing towards; ie: Bright Star Education Centre, Teachers, Sewing, Holi Boli, or Family Centre development

Donations can be made through PayPal, BNZ (New Zealand) or BOI (India):

PayPal Donations:
PayPal donations are made in NZD:

In India:
BOI  (email us for details)
Ainthapali Branch
Odisha, India

In New Zealand:
Bank of New Zealand
New Zealand

Account name: Continuous Improvement Consultants
Address: 5 Normand Pl. Taupo 3330 NZ
Account Number: 02-0368-0065996-000

USD payments: ABA# 021 000089

Even $5 goes along way to help support our work!

$5 buys needles, biscuits, crayons, chalk, etc...
$10 buys water filters, boxes of thread, scissors, etc...

Below is a list of our expenses and projects (even a partial donation is very helpful):

Ongoing Expenses:

  • Rent of Holi Boli / CIC House - Sewing areal Teacher training student accommodation $2000/year (2017)
  • Teacher Salaries for PnL (x3) and Holi Boli (x2) NZ$1500 / year
  • Painting of the Family Centre (done yearly) NZ$1000
  • Sponsor a person for sewing class  NZ$30/month (now 4 months = $120 total)
  • Sponsor a child to go to PnL NZ$25/month (10 months = $250 total)


  • New Fans for PNL (x3 fans) NZ$150  Done 01/2017
  • Air Cooler for Early Childhood trainee teachers flat NZ$200 Done 04/2017
  • Tree planting at CIC Family Centre  NZ$500
  • Holi Boli House Painting NZ$2500
  • Permanent Shading around the Sandpit  NZ$ 2500 (Tin Roof)
  • Registration of CIC as company and Trust $1500 (Cost Recovery - Job complete 02/2017)
  • Construction of new buildings on Bhaluapli land (for CIC (PnL, Sewing...) and Holi Boli  NZ$250,000  (the BIG project)
  • Holi Boli Fashionz new industrial sewing machine NZ$800 Done 03/2017
  • Holi Boli Fashionz new button hole machine NZ $2000 Done 07/2017
  • New Van NZ$30,000
  • New Signposts for Bright Star Education Centre (our early childhood education centre)
  • New benches and desks for Bright Star 'Ready for School' program NZ$2,500
  • Development of a playground at Bright Star (monkey bars, swings, garden, bikes and track) $10,000
  • Development of an aviary, fish tank and goat pen at Bright Star (for education) NZ$10,000
  • An equipment shed at Bright Star NZ$5,000
  • Development of a Science area at Bright Star NZ$10,000

CIC / Holi Boli Christmas Function