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About CIC India

“It’s all about people” is our motto. It means we believe that what we do should promote and benefit those people we interact with.   Our focus is on empowering women and children, to positively impact them in their education, families, villages, wherever they are so they can be the best person they can be.  We believe that love overcomes all obstacles and works for the best of all peoples in all environments. 

CIC Trust (Continuous Improvement Communities) is an Indian Charitable Public Trust.  CIC is also a philanthropic NZ company.  Both the trust and company work together to facilitate and offer opportunities to individuals, groups and businesses for up-skilling, training and resourcing. The aim is to equip and empower people to reach their full potential.  As a philanthropic organisation much of our training is subsidized through donations. Our vision is that people and businesses interested in this work will partner with us

We teach sewing (a.k.a stitching) through the Holi Boli Sewing School.  We run a practical skills and theory course for Early Childhood Workers that is run in modules so that teachers can choose their pace for training.  We run an Early Childhood Education Centre called 'Bright Star Education Centre'.  We are active donors and helpers to the Veer Birsa Munda High School (our village high school).  We produce and promote educational resources and coach how to effectively use such resources.   We consult and run business meetings throughout New Zealand and India to develop leadership and encourage philanthropic thinking.  We also conduct vocational training and health workshops through our Family Centre.  We would like to increase our ability to help out local schools and projects through the Rotary Club of Sambalpur City.